Journal Entry #5 3.12.16

It’s 1:30pm I’m writing for yesterday as well. So I slept in a bit I slept 7h just because it was time to do it, didn’t have much to do in the morning so all good. I slept 6h 6h 7h 6h 7h this week and 7.5h today so I’m happy. made todo list and some poker stuff and went to school where was ok only til 11:30 then ate and was home ready to work at 1pm which is earlier than thought so til 2 I really worked on a lot of little stuff like making phone calls writing journal for podcast cleaned the apartmnt fixed some issues with neteller and skrill and paying BPC share then went to hairdresser and after coming backed worked on theory how to play AA hands then was sooo sleepy so for 10min I hybernated on the bed and decided to take a walk because I really wanted to get the shit done after walk I crushed it and finished all theory that I wanted to so now I’m in a really good spot slowly I be memorizing it comparing nots focusing on this areas and try to get it to be easy, it’ll take a lot of work but I will prepare right and I think it’ll be good after time. Then made some HH review from other days and family came so we ate and all for like 2h then it was fucked up since I ate too much again and had no desire to do anything and other people were in house but I got it together and played for 1h with meditating and all but ofc I was still a bit distracted since I’m out of the game a bit but now I know how to approach it and will be better from now on like old days. main thing is I didn’t give up. Today I didn’t sleep it so good ofc, now I reviewed one villain which will make me a lot of money and I’m writing this and I thought about how to approach the game so I’ll work for school and have lunch and in the evening lets we if my work pays off.

Journal Entry #4 1.12.16

Long long day. Did the morning routine and slept 6h again then had 2h for the routine so I’m happy also did HH memorizing and all. Tmrw I’ll do the same. I’ll eat cheese pickles and toast for breakfast it’s all I have. I slept 6h every day except 7 once but I’m like going to bed a bit later so yeah 6h overal so great I feel ok. so I was in school til like 5.30 then 15 meditation since we were on a ship so 6-7 I played 7-8.30 coaching then 30min talak to brother then needed to go to the store and eat and shower. then 45min I worked on theory a bit more and that was it. I have some stuff to take care tmrw like again morning routine school hairdresser pay bpc share and stuff like that but then I NEED and I WANT to finish the theory stuff so I can have a nice session in the evening. SO that tmrw I can play review hands and work for school. It’ll be a tough weekend but mustnt rest now really need to gooooo.

30.11.16 Journaal Entry #3

Writing no 1.12. morning had not time yesterday. Ok so what happned til 14:10 I already wrote.
14:10-14:30 journal
10min printing some stuff out
->15:15 HH on forum check
jogging + stretching + some messages with gf
16:50-18:00 HH forum added into HH memorizing and thinking about it some more + bought altucher course + had to cut and edit video for Priit + wrote the podcaast journal then til 19:50 I ate, took a shower and worked on some spots so poker theory some more
10MIN BREAK 20:00-20:50 some more theory work
20:50-21:50 prepared some food and ate, rested a bit, finished some theory work
21.50:23:00 worked for college
23:00-23:30 some internet vids, some arrangements for school, getting ready to sleep, printing some theory work out
23:30 sleep

Ok so I’m writing about this theory work all that time, what is it actually? It’s working on my game in certain spots basically bringing things together rganized and writing down what I learned on coachings and stuff for example yesterday I worked on:
-how to play on a table with a two or more maniacs(because we should adjust our play greatly)
-MPvUTG 3b, call or fold with marginal rundowns like 8765ds KQT8ss QJT7 KQT9 etc. with different villain and stack sizes etc.
-cold calling 3bets
-calling 3bets
-calling 4bets when villain has AA** only
-cbetting paired boards with air and overpairs HU and 3w and different paired boards
-cbetting on LLL flops like 943ss
-how to play suited ace hands in different spots vs an open usually or vs limpers so like AJ85ss AQT3ss A765ss etc.
-and a few more things like that which I need to finish today

after that I will memorize it and think of the most important variables and how situation changes if we tweak something and then I’m gonna play and compare real hands to my knowledge and this notes so far to see if correct in that spot or need adaptation etc. so I have bunch of stuff to memorize now which I’m gonna start doing today

30.11.2016 Journal Entry #2

Sup sup sup!

Okay didn’t write yesterday, didn’t have time simply. It’s 10 past 2pm atm. I ended college at 11.50 then had to eat and go to the library and the hairdresser to arrange termin for friday + I did some chores at home so now I’m here. In the morning basically what happened was I went to bed at 23.30 actually 23.20 but til 23.30 I was sleeping so I decided to sleep 6h til 5.30am but I woke up on my own at 5.15 looked at the clock and though I’m gonna wait cuple of mins in bed. Next thing I know it was 6:10am so I’m not sure what happened to the alarm clock at 5:30 and how didn’t hear it or how I woke up without an alarm at 6:10 so it was weird but I continued as nothing. So I was a bit short on time and some things took longer than expected like HH memorizing so couldn’t do everything. Basically what I did was a todo list and expectations, I review 20min of yesterday coaching vid and added some spots about cold calling 3b and calling 3b into HH memorizings spots, then I packed for school ate took a qucick shower and went to school. So cold shower and meditation and stuff like that I will do now shortly. I have a very speciffic todo list today so I’m excited to cross things off. Also sun is shining and everything goes as planned I also got some great ideas etc. sooo lets goo goo goo.

About tmrw though I feel I need to write things down just take make it clear for myself. Basically monday was a sickly good day mentally wise. Yesterday the problem was that I had a test at 7:45am which fcked up everything a bit but no problem I did well on the test. Point being is that it threw me off of my game a bit because I had this thing I needed to think about insted of other stuff plus also bunch of other things so wasn’t that mindful during the day. Nevertheless It was awesome. Basically I don’t remember my exact morning routine but it was short so right from the start I was a bit messy. In school what happened was two things. One I saw some guy being really dumb as fuck so it made me mad that I’m so much smarter but we’re essensially in the same place moneywise, obv I quickly went through my feelings and figured stuff out like why was I angry what to think of it what to do about it. Second thing was that also I saw another guy being stupid but I still kind of helped him and didn’t know why I was wasting my energy etc. so I dealt with being angry at myself again. I also had a good convo with bf about friends in life since I just realized yesterday what I knew before but yesterday really felt it like when you start making money and getting ripped and shit like that when you become great basically you notice that you can’t really hang out with people because anything they say anything they talk about is something you know better or been there etc. I mean it sound wrong when I say it here because we can learn something from anyone but ultimately what will happen is you sitting with bunch of other guys and gals and realizing your way ahead with experience so you’ll need to find more suitable firends for you when you start killing it(if not before) so yeah what I realized was I’m focusing so much on making money which will come but my next problem will be finding company that will be on the same page as I am/will be. after that I made some more life goals and then went for a run which was okay but overall it was way to much not being focused aka day dreaming time wasting – way too much meaning like an hour or something. I prepared for another coaching and it was I good one I learned tons of new stuff and worked on theory a bit then went to sleep.

On 12th of Dec it’ll be 3 months since I started this project and I’ll make a review to see how far I’ve come.

Journal Entry #1 28.11.16

Doing this journal stuff again. Lets see how long I’ll last this time. Actually didn’t wanna renew the site but it did automatically so lets make some use of it. In the next days as I get time I will work on the site a bit. So here’s how my days looked like:

4:45 wake up, getting up, dressing up, brushing teeth etc. 15min til 5:00
Todo list for the day / expectations of how am I gonna approach it / affirmations aka goal reviewing
Poker hand history memorizing
Foam roller and a bit of stretching/moving around
Meditation(which today in reality was 10min sitting straight with eyes closed thinking of my goals and how I want the day to be)
Pushups and abwheel
Cold shower
Packing stuff
->All in all took me 2h15min so left home at 7:15 (I knew I was gonna be late for school but didn’t wanna sacrifice my morning routine and getting up 1h earlier wasn’t possible since I need min 6h sleep)
7:15-9:30 driving to the seaside/school
->16.15 college + 45min drive *home
17:00-17:35 unpacking stuff, walk to the hairdresser to check when it’s open and reading about aspartame/polyols
17:35-18:10 thinking seriously of what I want to get out of life and how I view it and how to live it which path to take etc. (wanted to do this for a long time, I feel very good now doing that although it need more work)
->19:05 pullups + jogging and changing clothes
->20:10 cooking and cleaning + a few min rest
->20:40 desktop cleaning of unnecessary icons and files
->21:35 preparation for coaching + 15min taking shit LoL
Coaching supposed to start at 22:00 but started 22:30 because coach fogot so that 30min I did todo list for tomorrow and chatted with fellow grinder a bit
22:30-23:10 coaching
10min break because my mind was tired since I was talking and thinking 30min of the coaching
23:20-23:35(now) writing this journal

For today I only plan to go over some HH spots to memorize quickly and brush my teeth, close down all the stuff and go to bed. I actually had a plan to work on English for my exam tmrw but there’s no time. I believe I will pass it anyways so I’m not worried. Might check some stuff in the morning, maybe, or take a shower LoL no time for everything.

Morning checklist tmrw:
7:00 wake up and 10min to dress up etc. / 10min again expectations and affirmations to get grounded / maybe foam roll and stretch for 5min to get the blood flowing / have a break fast(already made today outmeal and eggs so it’ll be quick) so 10min for that and 5min for final look touches and getting to the car which leaves us with 20min for either shower or reviewing English, will see. I have a 40min drive so will probably go over the stuff in the car anyways. You gotta prioritize and adjust.

Probably gonna be home at 13.30 or something like that I finish at 12:00 and then have to drive and eat so we’ll see. Gonna meditate when I come home and go from there.

Things from todays notepad: Don’t forget to check how to cancel killthedoubt next year.

Piščanec Sv. ribica Biftek Sv. pečenka Gov. meso iz juhe Slanina Rebrca Puran ->types of meat to eat so it doesn’t get boring
When eating don’t let you mind slip. Think of sitting straight and feeling the food/surroundings.
Volkswagen commercial genious because of bringing together two separate things and making fun even out of it basically volkswagen rocks and bringing rockers to play and pick the best one pay them something and have people have fun while seeing volkswagen everywhere, think how to apply it later in life for other things.
When playing remembering HH spots isn’t priority but following instincts is because I have lots of experience already and a good thought process so need to trust myself more and take time to really listen to my gut think logically about it and do it if we feel some memory might not work in that spot.
When doing affirmations and expectations go over what I wrote today/yesterday in the notepad.
Clean a bit of desktop every day.

Overall today was one of the best days. No matter what I will take the time to appreciate this because it’s a huge step forward. I did the morning routine like a boss. I followed my behaviour life planned to the point. No daydreaming, really focused in the moment all the time. No time wasting. Great great day life a true warrior adjusting to many situations. I expect the same from myself tmrw. Having a morning routine and listening to your body and staying grounded is the key.

I find motivation in the darkest of days and focus in the brightest.