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Journal Entry #1 25.12.16

guess 50/50
Board: Kc4s3d
Equity Wins Ties
MP2: 48.37% 48.37% 0.00% { 5s6c7c8d }
MP3: 51.63% 51.63% 0.00% { AsKhJs4h }

->100bb deep HU, even in srp, we should always stackoff with 13 outer on the flop / really important to know in NL PLO where people will shove on you like crazy

guess 26/74
Board: Kc4s3d9h
Equity Wins Ties
MP2: 32.52% 32.52% 0.00% { 5s6c7c8d }
MP3: 67.48% 67.48% 0.00% { AsKhJs4h }

->with one more street left we should always call a pot sized bet or raise because we’re getting the odds but don’t call any bigger raise/bet

guess 44/56
Board: Kc4s3d
Equity Wins Ties
MP2: 41.03% 41.03% 0.00% { 5s6c7c8d }
MP3: 58.97% 58.97% 0.00% { KdKhAsTs }

->100bb deep HU, even in srp, we should always stackoff with 13 outer on the flop / really important to know in NL PLO where people will shove on you like crazy

guess 24/76
Board: Kc4s3d9h
Equity Wins Ties
MP2: 32.44% 32.44% 0.00% { 5s6c7c8d }
MP3: 67.56% 67.56% 0.00% { KdKhAsTs }

->with one more street left we should always call a pot sized bet or raise because we’re getting the odds but don’t call any bigger raise/bet

no guess
Board: 9s4dQcQs8c
Equity Wins Ties
MP2: 61.35% 61.35% 0.00% { QQ, Q9, Q4, 44, 88 }
MP3: 38.65% 38.65% 0.00% { 9h2s5h9d }

no guess
Board: 9s4dQcQs8c
Equity Wins Ties
MP2: 31.30% 31.30% 0.00% { QQ, Q9, Q4, 44, 88, JT }
MP3: 68.70% 68.70% 0.00% { 9h2s5h9d }

no guess
Board: 9s4dQcQs8c
Equity Wins Ties
MP2: 76.05% 76.05% 0.00% { QQ, Q9, Q4, 88 }
MP3: 23.95% 23.95% 0.00% { 9h2s5h9d }

->with mid set turned to FH in spots where villain can have all the FH we should actually CALL a river pot sized raised

no guess
Board: 9s4dQcQs8c
Equity Wins Ties
MP2: 38.90% 32.00% 6.90% { QQ, Q9, Q4, 99, 88 }
MP3: 61.10% 54.21% 6.90% { Q423 }

no guess
Board: 9s4dQcQs8c
Equity Wins Ties
MP2: 52.39% 42.70% 9.69% { QQ, Q9, Q4, 99 }
MP3: 47.61% 37.92% 9.69% { Q423 }

->top/bottom2p turned to FH is actually really good and should be a call vs a river raise anytime

guess 45/55
Board: Jc8c6s
Equity Wins Ties
MP2: 42.16% 42.16% 0.00% { AcAd6c2d }
MP3: 57.84% 57.84% 0.00% { JJ, 88, J8 }

->overpair+nFD we should always stackoff/call pot sized raise or bet like in srp 100bb deep HU we’d need 44% which is an extreme case

Fitness Journal:

Started the day with 3x max normal pushups with 3.5 and 4min rest between sets. I did cca 35 30 25 which just shows how much I’ve lost in a short period of time so need to get back in shape but I believe I will get back to 50 soon especially since I was not warmed up in the morning and first time after a longer break that I did them.

In the evening warmed up with 2min 3min 3min jump rope with 4min breaks followed by stretching. Did day 1 pullups normal no hoodie home indoor thick bar 16 9 8 7 7 so out of shape with that too but gonna be back soon. After that I went to the gym also and did 15 min intense threadmill burned 206 cal.

 Performance Journal: DONE

7:50 got up and 15min to do std stuff / 10min for todo list / 15min HH memorizing = 8:30

Pushups til 9:00 then 1.5h video watching and 30min eating then 5min HH memo. and after that meditation 20min

11:25 started playing til 13:00

2h break which was mostly filled with HH session reviewing then 15:00-15:20 HH memorizing / afterwards meditation 10min and 30 min the hand reading game

16:00 – 17:00 play / 30min session review + 15min eating / 30min other stuff on the todo list / 1h pullups and stretching til 19:15

19:15 – 21:00 fitness, driving

21:00-22:00 cooking + house chors

22:00-01:00 rest on the todo list

Tmrw wake up: 7:45am ->follow morning routine: todo + distractions + expectations! HH memorizing Warmup+pushups Cold shower Meditation

To C-bet Or Not To C-bet

LLLss Flops:


    • TP/overpair = cb OOP/IP
    • Air = cb IP/OOP + 2/3bar (check only versus short stacks that we can’t barrel)
    • Low FD = cb (could beXB IP on like T85 when many sets/2p possible)


  • TP/overpair = cb OOP/IP + 2/3bar turning it into a bluff if you get HU
  • Air = give up (unless if you’re getting HU mostly OTT when IP usually – this differs from HLL where we don’t do that because villains range is wider OTT on LLL or if you have air with BD equity with good barreling opportunities or if initial raisor checked then ofc we do it)
  • Low FD = bet IP/OOP especially when intial raisor checked (could be a XB when IP and many possible 2p/sets like 943 differs from T85)

*when double barreling on flush for bluff use 1/2 sizing*

HHLss boards = BBxss


TP/overpair = cb (even overpair+nFD) – possibly even QT7r w/ TPWK no redraws(something to expand on in the future)
Air = vs wide ranges CB vs tigher ranges Check(so versus tighter in spots like EPvLP or SBvBB where they can have wide ranges we still CB)
Low FD = vs wide ranges CB always same as versus tighter ranges except when IP we check ofc in that situation

*bare nFD always XB IP

HLLss boards = Bxxss


TP/overpair = cb (turn into bluff mostly) Ex: J96ss KK** IF spr 4 you can bet/call or bet bet if brick turn or XB and DCB pot / if SPR 8+ you can 3bar
Air = cb IP/OOP + 2/3bar (check only versus short stacks that we can’t barrel)
Low FD = vs tight ranges Cb vs passive XB

HHLss boards = BBxss


TP/overpair => overpair/tptk = cb IP/OOP on QJ2 BUT on QT7r (K95r J85r) OOP = give up unless with redraws(gutter+BDFD) IP ofc Cb (even TPWK no redraws is a Cb IP versus wider ranges on QJ2)
Air = check (unless OOP AK3r IP AK3ss or good backdoors)
Low FD = XB IP / OOP CB since it hits our range

HLLss boards = Bxxss


TP/overpair => w/o redraws(gutter+BDFD) OOP = give up(unless AKQT on K65r where we have top2p/nBDFD/BDSD redraws and there are only like 20% bad turns(7,8,9,3,4 non diamond) but not on K98r) *rainbow boards differ a bit*
IP = bet (possibly turn into bluff if get HU) / TPWK no redraws = XB by Priit Ex. KQTT 3w IP SRP Flop: K96ss
Air = check (unless backdoors with good barreling opportunity like BDFD+gutter+set or 2p redraws) Ex. QQ37ss IP 3w SRP Flop: A54ss = check IP/OOP
Low FD = XB IP / OOP CB Th FD+

*For all the situations above, with strong semibluffs that can call a xr/raise ofc we’re always cbetting*

*Keep in mind that being 2nd to act or first to act makes a slight difference just as K65 or K52 board or whether villain’s FCB = 0% or 60%, all this makes slight adjustments to our std lines*

How it changes on no FD possible boards?



Blind Defending 101



9875ss/ds+ 8765ss/ds+ JT98r+ QJT8r+ = CALL

KQT8ss/QJ97ds JT96ss KJT8ss KJT9ds KQT9ss = FOLD (unless versus 2.5x) – IP = Call if passive villains behind.

*->this same hands are also open folds versus tight passive openers OOP which ranges crush us unless if we’re IP = call if non aggro players behind – similar to MPvUTG. If opening % is wide we 3b versus one villain.

Single/Double Paired Hands:

TT97ss/JTT8ss/9987ss/AKQQr/QQds/QQ75ss/JJ98ss/8877ss/TT99r = bottom range (versus 2.5x could go a bit wider)

Ace-containing Hands:

ABBxss(ace) / ABBxss(non ace) = only versus 2.5x unless AKQ2-5ss(king) / ABB8ss(queen)

*That doesn’t mean that AKhT3h isn’t a 3b versus wide BTN open from SB because if there’s only one villain we get a whole other ball game*

ABLLds properly

AJJxss ATTxds ATTbss

A765ss A875ss A865ds A975ds (this depends – if players behind aggro you need like A876/875ss or ds but if passive and fish you can be exploitable and open 2.5x with above range or so)


KKBBss / JJTTds+

KQJTds / AKQxds / AKQ9ss(ace) ->1. wide open % 2. open+call (not open+call+call)

Versus 2.5x open when BB is passive we can defend wider as if we were on the BB.


BB is a lot better position than SB because of the good relative position, better position, closing the action, getting better odds and so on.

Depends on the sizing and # of villains but usually we can go really wide like any suited ace hand. But keep in mind that open+call != limp+raise, then we should be much tighter like on SB.


This depends on villain a lot but here are some guidelines:

ABLLss(ace) / ALLLss(ace) – even like A542ss / AQ55ss(ace) AQ22ds / ABBxss(non ace)


Single pocket pairs go a bit wider than SB for example a hand like TT54ds = call and they need to be less nutty like 9965ss/88QTss … because we can steal more.

SB limp/call versus BB raise HU:

Versus decent players our opening range on the SB should be similar to the CO opening ranges while if BB is passive we can limp in a capped range usually polar.

A hand like TT54ss could be a limp and a call versus a passive villain raise because of implied odds while weak suited ace hands are folds even ifanother player joins, ofc speaking 100bb deep because vs AA range our A742ss is doing poorly since we’ll have to pay a lot to see the next card with a FD which is the best case scenario.

Raising over two limpers from blinds:

KQT8ss or 9876ss ISN’T a raise over two limpers IP/OOP – ABBxss/ALLLds ISN’T a raise over two limpers IP/OOP (while ABBxds IS – ALLLds could be as well)

KQT8ds or 9876ds or QJT9ss IS a raise also ABB8ss and ABBxds

IP any DS KK+ OOP any DS AA and connected DS KK lika KK84ds KKT6ds and connected single suited like AA75ss/AAT6ss/AAK9ss KKT8ss

*Hands that are close like ALLLds or ABBxss(ace), 8765ds or like AQ98ds depends on whether we get 4w or 3w mostly and how much are villains folding postflop, spr created, villains passivness, …*

How to play AA – Some guidelines

When we’re IP we should always 3b AA unless if it’s really shitty like AA92ss or AA84r then we might consider calling(not if villain opening is short) and also ofc if we want players behind to join but otherwise 3b because fish behind can still cold call and we make more money by being IP cbetting, getting thin value, turning hands into a bluff instead of set mining by calling, that is when we’re IN POSITION.

Up to SPR 2 when HEADSUP we should always 3b/4b and push flops. If we’re going to get 4w with an SPR of 1 we don’t always 4b but we need more smooth AA because we will have to give up more despite the low spr. While when getting 3w whenever we get the spr of 1 it a raise.

BBvSB open 3b any AA

OOP OTT SPR=4 wet board ->Go for a xr instead of potting it because you will get many calls and OTR people are likely to bluff you off

Weak AA when OOP and gonna be MW we should limp behind that is for example when on SB versus two limpers or when on MP versus UTG limp with hands like AA94ss/AA84r. While any doublesuited ace is a raise or AA95ss.

OOP be donking full houses OTR when many flushes/straights complete.

AA6h5h = AAh73h = AAJTr = AAh7h4h < AAh6h5

AAQJr 3w OOP KQJr = Cb


UTG Hero AA open BTN call BB 3b

In this spot BB likely has AA with which we flip. We lose our set redraw outs meaning we WANT to push the BTN out of the pot so we ALWAYS 4b! Same goes for us when we’re in BTNs shoes, we want to call wide in this spot because we have lots of equity, like even 9987ss is good, we have at east 33/33/33% eqity to breakeven. But versus maniacs who can have AKK*, ATTxds, AJJ8ss our value of hands go down and we should go back to being tight and defending on the smoothest hands.


Flop: KcQh6h, OOP villain leads for 1/2 and there’s one caller.

Hero has overpair+FD
Versus 2p we flip so raising and putting the other guy out and getting some dead money would make this slightly +EV while also raising and the other guy calling with a weaker hand like JsTc5h4h OESD+lowerFD would be a bit +EV because of the better odds so doesn’t matter but also calling is okay because we’re getting the odds so here just depends maybe on how’s your image and whether you prefer to play further streets or not.
*Having a gutter with an overpair+FD makes you 5% more versus 2p so you’re actually ahead OTF->in this case it’s easier to just raise and gll

How to play overpairs in SRP MW

4w OOP(2nd to act) J85r Overpair+gutter+BDFD = check / 3w CB

People are not going to exploit you in this spot so you will not overfold because mostly it’ll check through and when it doesn’t your beat.

Blockers doesn’t help much because villains can still have lower straights and BDFD doesn’t help because on many piced up FDs villains will pick up a straight. Even if we improve to a set we hardly barrel it since straight comes OTF.

4w 3rd to act IP T82dd Bare Overpair

IF 3w CB or if one villain is so short that he’s gonna be allin OTF it’s like 3w so CB but 4w check.

If you have nut FD blocker you can barrel one street if you get HU/3w with one player allin.

Some CO and BTN Opening Range Guidelines

This one will be expanded in the future.


AB2conn needs to be double suited like AJ74 while the best can be single suit like AK98ss. Unconnected but doublesuited like AJ72ds are folds.

Since we gonna get 4w mostly hands like QT74ds/KQ83ds should be folds and Kh FDs and more connected like KQ76ds are opens.

ABBxss to the king is okay like AKhQ3h is great but AKhTh6h sucks.


A998ss non to the ace / AT87ss non to the ace = FOLD / K765s or KT76ss to the king = OPEN else FOLD

Sizings: Std = 3x CO 2.5x BTN but be exploitable OTB like 3.5x strong 2.5x weak