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Journal Entry #7/#8 31.12.16/1.1.17

Hello Hello,

okay so day 7 went by quickly as well as today. Now, got lots of things to write about.

So yesterday I woke up at 9 and started working on poker. Throughout the day I did okay, not great, but not bad either. Which I consider solid considering how bad it could have been, by the way some goes for today. Basically when I woke up everything was messy and it has already started the day before. I wanted to spend the ny at home with my gf working til 7pm for poker then a hot bath some sushi and a champagne a bit of tv and hit the bed so I can start working 9am today for poker basically a very calming night to rest and appreciate the little things. Ofc this didn’t happen because my bf really wanted to spend the ny with me and he got this idea that we go to the capital that then even my gf started to like so I knew what I want and that wasn’t possible anymore. So it was either go to the capital with them and do whatever or basically broke up with gf and ditch the freind cuz there’s no point in following the same plan I wanted if gf wasn’t down for it anymore. SO literally I only had those two options and the friends I’m talking about it worth having really and didn’t want to be alone either so went with it and ofc it all played out as I thought it wil. I got drunk and I don’t like myself when I’m drunk, I spent a lot of money, I wasted the whole day today, and I didn’t really enjoy at all. One good thing came out of this though. I thought a lot about some things this morning and I’m ready not to take some action that I will reveal later, something for what I didn’t have enough anger/drive to do it before. And I totally hate tv, sugars and partying now thanks to yesterday so I’m going dark again for probably forever.

Ok so anyways because I knew ny is not gonna go according to my plans yesterday morning was hard since I didn’t find the motivation to do anything since I didn’t have a morning routine mandatory for that day and I was angry at the things above not going to my plan and running out of time to do everything etc. So one big thing I managed to do is just to snap and take a really cold shower and get back into the zone and finish up as much as I could. I them meditated and played 4 tables 6max for 1.5h and finished the month at 5k hands which was the target. I also did a good warmup and played well. I read the plo book and rewatched two coachings.Then we had dinner chilled a bit and went to ljubljana.

So today I got herpes like everytime when I drink and felt like shit also dehidrated etc. so spend lots of time watching tv and eating shit and feeling like shit. I also thought about some things a lot. And now I’m writing this. It was hard to get momentum back and I hate losing it although I am grateful for this experience now, I see the world in a bit different perspecitve.

Now bottom line is, I know what I want and I know how I want to feel and what I will do. Tomorrow I need to drive 2h to get back to the seaside and I need to pack and some things like that I’m thinking of waking up early, doing some work, eat breakfast and lunch and be off not to meet my parents and other since I just want to be focused and alone. I want to take time a make final plans tmrw and do some of the work. I don’t have the momentum actually but need to get it back and I know I will. I will wake up early and make plans eat breakfast put in some of the work, lunch, go. Today I will just write down some of the stuff I’ve been thinking about and watch one last episode of suits in a ong time now and hit the bed.

1. I understand why people with power want more power(also money), it all made sense to me today, when you feel powerless it’s the worst feeling in the world and then you forget to not be egoistic, you do everything to keep that power
2. when hurt is done to you all you want to do is hurt back and everything else goes out the window
3. you either live in a bubble and accept that moment of powerless will come, which thins the bubble experience or you strive to gain power but never attein that joy you might get in the bubble overall the realization how much life sucks, how much luck matters and is unfair and imposible to tame no matter how hard you try so either you sacrifice a lot to obtain power or prepare to be powerless in many situations where ofc anger will then raise
4. tina maze posts – people are immediately offended if you indicate you’re better than someone, unless you’re totally humble they will hate you but if you are humble you won’t get anything done, ofc humble in a way they think of it – life is great but people, we are just so flawed being that there is no hope for us
5. girls

Journal Entry #6 30.12.16


15min threadmil 205cal


Untracked. Woke up and did some stuff for poker as well as some logistics then had to take care of some non poker stuff and after I got home I ate and got a visit that took time. After that I warmed up and played 2h15min and got another visit which lasted long so I couldn’t do anything afterwards just watched one show and went to bed. All this non poker things were unavoidable so I did as much as I could.

Equity matchup:

Hand Equity Wins Ties
AhAc6h3c 32.52% 149,406 129,182
AdAsQs8c 29.75% 131,246 128,987
JdTc4d5c 37.73% 247,979 585

Board: Ad6h8h5d
Equity Wins Ties
MP2: 31.87% 31.85% 0.02% { Ah8cQh5h }
MP3: 68.13% 68.11% 0.02% { 79 }

Rankings for QJ75$ds
Ranking Description Average Best Worst
10H 10-handed iterative (default) 21.33 20.0 23.0
3H 3-handed iterative 22.67 22.0 24.0
6H 6-handed iterative 20.67 20.0 22.0
VR vs. random hand 23.67 23.0 25.0

Omaha Hi Hand Ranking (unweighted)
Rankings for QJ75$ss
Ranking Description Average Best Worst
10H 10-handed iterative (default) 48.0 46.0 55.0
3H 3-handed iterative 43.0 40.0 47.0
6H 6-handed iterative 45.67 42.0 53.0
VR vs. random hand 41.83 40.0 45.0

Journal Entry #5 29.12.16


Pushups: 4min rest / 50 35 30
Pullups: 18 9 7 7 7 (last one barely)


7:55 – 8:15 waking up
8:15 – 8:30 email checking
8:30 – 9:00 book reading
9:00 – 11:00 poker book reading 30min and visits
11:00 – 12:30 yesterdays session review
12:30 – 13:00 mindset webinar
10min break
13:10 – 13:40 pushups + 20min equity matchups
14:00 – 18:45 drive + trb
15min hands preparation
19:00 – 20:00 coaching
then I lost track a bit
Did fitness and cold shower and played 1.5h of poker, only meditated for preparation.
Updated the br and went to sleep.

In the morning I was planning to play 1h but visits came and distracted me which was nothing I could do since it was grandma and couldn’t kick her out after such a long time. then driving and everything took away lots of energy so I was drained in the evening plus again we had visits so it was loud. I was tired sleepy and unfocused. I still wanted to play half the amount I need to at least so I did. And I figured out I’d prefer being home for ny and til like 18:00 still work on my game and start back again the next day soon so this way I would save money and save time so I’d really like to do that just need to tell my friends.

Oh and I listened to one very good podcast from James Altucher about persuation. And I’ve been thinking deeply about life when driving so that must have exhausted me to, I came to some sick conclusions.

Journal Entry #4 28.12.16


Pushups: 4 min rest between set / 3 sets / 40 32 25
Pullups: 9×7 (last rep was barely) 1min rest


Didn’t track time since when I woke up I immediately started working on preparation for the coaching so didn’t have time to do anything else and only got to the grounding and todo list part later on. Anyways I was really productive. As I said I was preparing for the coaching and it was a great one, learned a lot. Then rested a bit and did pushups and read the book, also worked for plo some more. Then I ate and rested a bit and again finished up working some theory stuff for PLO. Then I did pullups and started playing. Now I’m gonna finish up with it all and watch an episode of vikings, I deserve it. I’m really improving a lot and future is bright for me so can’t wait to do all the work. Actually til the end of dec things will be crazy but in Jan I will slow down a bit again for a few days and focus some more on some spots that I think I’m leaking and then get back into the mode. Basically I’m gonna play 1h/day 3 tables and working hard on my game. It will be great.

Equity matchups coming tmrw as well as HH review / I have two coachings, one of them mindset / and need to spend 4h away for poker for something / +need to play 3h(4h altogether) and do the fitness etc. so it’s gonna be tough

wake up 9:00 work on session reviewing from today and equity matchups and similar plo theory stuff then do pushups and warmup+play 1h and then coaching that would be ideal and not to forget to drink enough water although I’m not sure I’ll have enough time actually won’t watch vikings

Equity matchups:

KQJT$ss [b]25.65%[/b] (142,883 wins, 22,281 ties)
5566$ss, 9987$ds, KK, QQ, AA, JJ [b]44.42%[/b] (261,943 wins, 9,339 ties)
AsKcQh3s [b]29.93%[/b] (169,267 wins, 20,834 ties)

Ranking Description Average Best Worst
10H 10-handed iterative (default) 15.67 15.0 16.0
3H 3-handed iterative 33.0 33.0 33.0
6H 6-handed iterative 22.33 21.0 23.0
VR vs. random hand 42.0 42.0 42.0

Rankings for QQ45$ss
Ranking Description Average Best Worst
10H 10-handed iterative (default) 15.8 14.0 21.0
3H 3-handed iterative 9.0 8.0 11.0
6H 6-handed iterative 11.8 11.0 15.0
VR vs. random hand 8.2 8.0 9.0

Rankings for QQ22$ss
Ranking Description Average Best Worst
10H 10-handed iterative (default) 13.0 13.0 13.0
3H 3-handed iterative 9.0 9.0 9.0
6H 6-handed iterative 10.0 10.0 10.0
VR vs. random hand 9.0 9.0 9.0

Rankings for Q998$ds
Ranking Description Average Best Worst
10H 10-handed iterative (default) 10.0 10.0 10.0
3H 3-handed iterative 9.0 9.0 9.0
6H 6-handed iterative 9.0 9.0 9.0
VR vs. random hand 8.0 8.0 8.0

Rankings for AsKd9c3h
Ranking Description Average Best Worst
10H 10-handed iterative (default) 77.0 77.0 77.0
3H 3-handed iterative 65.0 65.0 65.0
6H 6-handed iterative 74.0 74.0 74.0
VR vs. random hand 63.0 63.0 63.0

Hand Equity Wins Ties
50% 42.29% 251,255 5,026
JJTT$ss 57.71% 343,719 5,026

50% 23.88% 139,840 6,937
JJTT$ss 32.74% 194,956 2,947
AA 43.38% 257,912 4,723

Hand Equity Wins Ties
AKQ9$ds, AKQ3$ds 48.75% 292,470 65
JJTT$ss 51.25% 307,465 65

Board: 8h7h2sAd
Equity Wins Ties
MP2: 49.91% 49.80% 0.11% { Ah2hKcQs }
MP3: 19.74% 19.53% 0.21% { 87 }
CO: 30.35% 30.10% 0.25% { 9hTh }

Journal Entry #3 27.12.16

Fitness journal:

4min rest 40 31 30 pushups normal / pullups 9×6 normal 1min rest like day 3

->didn’t have enough sleep, my muscles were sore although I did warmup and stretched nicely and after I started doing it got easier but yeah progress

Life: (did not track time whole day but didn’t waste any time)


actually my writing is so messy I can’t even read, will do it better tmrw

Main things tmrw: hh memorizing, finishing all the theory, getting coaching and preparing for it well, getting answers to all the questions so basically wake up, do pushups and work on the game til coaching

Board: 2c9s8sQd
Equity Wins Ties
MP2: 54.97% 54.97% 0.00% { JcTdAc5c }
MP3: 45.03% 45.03% 0.00% { QsQcAd3s }

Board: 5c7c8h6d
Equity Wins Ties
MP2: 57.50% 57.50% 0.00% { AdTs9d5s }
MP3: 42.50% 42.50% 0.00% { 8d8cQs6c }

Board: 9hThQd6s
Equity Wins Ties
MP2: 32.63% 32.63% 0.00% { QhAdTd3h }
MP3: 67.37% 67.37% 0.00% { JdKc5d4c }