Blind Defending 101



9875ss/ds+ 8765ss/ds+ JT98r+ QJT8r+ = CALL

KQT8ss/QJ97ds JT96ss KJT8ss KJT9ds KQT9ss = FOLD (unless versus 2.5x) – IP = Call if passive villains behind.

*->this same hands are also open folds versus tight passive openers OOP which ranges crush us unless if we’re IP = call if non aggro players behind – similar to MPvUTG. If opening % is wide we 3b versus one villain.

Single/Double Paired Hands:

TT97ss/JTT8ss/9987ss/AKQQr/QQds/QQ75ss/JJ98ss/8877ss/TT99r = bottom range (versus 2.5x could go a bit wider)

Ace-containing Hands:

ABBxss(ace) / ABBxss(non ace) = only versus 2.5x unless AKQ2-5ss(king) / ABB8ss(queen)

*That doesn’t mean that AKhT3h isn’t a 3b versus wide BTN open from SB because if there’s only one villain we get a whole other ball game*

ABLLds properly

AJJxss ATTxds ATTbss

A765ss A875ss A865ds A975ds (this depends – if players behind aggro you need like A876/875ss or ds but if passive and fish you can be exploitable and open 2.5x with above range or so)


KKBBss / JJTTds+

KQJTds / AKQxds / AKQ9ss(ace) ->1. wide open % 2. open+call (not open+call+call)

Versus 2.5x open when BB is passive we can defend wider as if we were on the BB.


BB is a lot better position than SB because of the good relative position, better position, closing the action, getting better odds and so on.

Depends on the sizing and # of villains but usually we can go really wide like any suited ace hand. But keep in mind that open+call != limp+raise, then we should be much tighter like on SB.


This depends on villain a lot but here are some guidelines:

ABLLss(ace) / ALLLss(ace) – even like A542ss / AQ55ss(ace) AQ22ds / ABBxss(non ace)


Single pocket pairs go a bit wider than SB for example a hand like TT54ds = call and they need to be less nutty like 9965ss/88QTss … because we can steal more.

SB limp/call versus BB raise HU:

Versus decent players our opening range on the SB should be similar to the CO opening ranges while if BB is passive we can limp in a capped range usually polar.

A hand like TT54ss could be a limp and a call versus a passive villain raise because of implied odds while weak suited ace hands are folds even ifanother player joins, ofc speaking 100bb deep because vs AA range our A742ss is doing poorly since we’ll have to pay a lot to see the next card with a FD which is the best case scenario.

Raising over two limpers from blinds:

KQT8ss or 9876ss ISN’T a raise over two limpers IP/OOP – ABBxss/ALLLds ISN’T a raise over two limpers IP/OOP (while ABBxds IS – ALLLds could be as well)

KQT8ds or 9876ds or QJT9ss IS a raise also ABB8ss and ABBxds

IP any DS KK+ OOP any DS AA and connected DS KK lika KK84ds KKT6ds and connected single suited like AA75ss/AAT6ss/AAK9ss KKT8ss

*Hands that are close like ALLLds or ABBxss(ace), 8765ds or like AQ98ds depends on whether we get 4w or 3w mostly and how much are villains folding postflop, spr created, villains passivness, …*

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