Calling 3-bets

Single paired hands:

JJ76ss (3w deep) JJ76ds(HU deep IP) IF connected like JJT8ss HU deep IP doesn’t need to be double suited
->3w 50bb deep JJ76ds JJT8ss; JJT8ds HU 50bb

A77xss (3w deep) A77xds (HU deep IP)
->3w 50bb deep A77xds A778ss; A778ds A778ss HU 50bb

*being IP when HU matters but even OOP on micros we can defend the same because we can steal more on low wet boards for example and have more implieds

Rundowns: higher rainbow and lower single suit like JT98r T875ss are folds because it’s dominated too much/ hands like KB76ds are breakeven and could also be calls 3/4way because of good odds and we only stackoff on good flops unless 3w versus a squeez / Q765ds is similar

Ace-containing rundowns:

A875ss/AB65ss/ABBxss/A***ds unconnected (3w 100bb) -> 3w 50bb needs to be ds same as HU 100bb IP *Problem is that either A is dead because of AA or 875/65 is dead due to wide 3b range. ABBx / ABBB non ss to the ace can also be played versus wider ranges 3w or HU

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