Some CO and BTN Opening Range Guidelines

This one will be expanded in the future.


AB2conn needs to be double suited like AJ74 while the best can be single suit like AK98ss. Unconnected but doublesuited like AJ72ds are folds.

Since we gonna get 4w mostly hands like QT74ds/KQ83ds should be folds and Kh FDs and more connected like KQ76ds are opens.

ABBxss to the king is okay like AKhQ3h is great but AKhTh6h sucks.


A998ss non to the ace / AT87ss non to the ace = FOLD / K765s or KT76ss to the king = OPEN else FOLD

Sizings: Std = 3x CO 2.5x BTN but be exploitable OTB like 3.5x strong 2.5x weak



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