Cold Calling 3-bets

Priit’s Strategy:

First thing to note is never to cold call a 3b with AA in order to be tricky Р always 4b.

Secondly, the only non AA hands we should consider 4b with are AKQQss, AKK*ss, AKQ9ss if villain 3b-betting wider(or if he’s very short which consequently usually widens their range) but even this hands are calls when IP with looose passive weak fish behind because we want them in and also there’s no need to diminish our positinal advantage.

1. playing versus tight AA only 3b range

a) 50bb deep
Cold call QJT8ds+, JT98ds+

b) 100bb deep
Cold call JJT9ds+, 7766ds+, higher single suit and lower double suit rundowns like JT98ss 8765ds

2. playing versus wide 3b range (12%+) – 50/100bb deep

Cold call JJT9ds+, 7766ds+, JT98ss/QJT8ss+ ABB9ss

Mario’s Startegy:

His philosophy: Cold calling 3-bets sucks because of many reasons, some of them being poor relative position and not having the initiative. That’s why he either 4bets or folds.

4-betting with rundowns and hands like 7766ds actually makes sense because you prefer being HU with that hands to clean your flush outs.

BUT BEWARE 200bb deep a hand like 7766ds is a fold because of reverse implieds while a hand like AQQxss can be a call for implieds.

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