MP versus UTG Play With Marginal Rundowns

What do I mean by marginal rundowns?

KQT8ss KJT8ss KQJ8ss KJT9ss KQT9ss and similar lower brothers like QJT7ds. Another a bit separated hand structure that falls into this group are also hands like 8765ds.

In higer stakes where UTG open % is usually 10% or higher on average and where players behind are cold calling 3bets tightly this hands are 3bets MPvUTG because usually we get HU with position and initiative which is all great.

Now in micros things change considerbaly.

Firstly, players are usually passive meaning their average UTG pot opening range will be much tighter so consequently our hands really lose value since we get valuetowned most of the time versus a stronger range. And secondly, players are loose and passive which means we can expect many more cold calls from behind all of which makes this hands tricky to play.

SO … Do we call or fold then in this spot?

First thing to ask is how much is the UTG opening?

1.) He’s tight II Ex. 60/5

Next thing, look at players behind. Are they aggro PRE or POST? (aggro meaning 3b 12%+ / postflop betting a lot after sensing weakness, being tricky etc.)

If so ->FOLD


One of two things will happen if you call:

-They will squeez and UTG will 4b leaving you in a very unprofitable spot.

-They will call and play back at both of you charging for every card you want to see on the next street and betting like they have it every time leaving you guessing whether you’re good with your top and bottom 2p or a weakdominatable  FD+OESD.


If players behind are passive pre and post you should call since playing vs UTGs defined range will be easy and many time you’ll be getting odds to call OTF and you’ll be getting free cards etc.

BUT BEWARE not to overplay hands like 8765ds when you hit weak flushes and weak SDs.

OK, so if UTG is opening decently wide like 10%+ we’re always 3betting? Pretty much yeah.

We don’t care as much if people behind are cold calling a lot because we are doing decently versus their wide ranges and their overplaying postflop, plus reading UTGs range will not be hard considering the board texture and his opening percentage.

BUT BEWARE that usually short stacks behind mean trouble because they are 4betting a lot which is not what you want so unless they are short to the point that they can only call your 3b consider fold. – I guess we found one spot where you might prefer to find a fold over a 3b even though UTG is opening enough 🙂

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