How to play AA – Some guidelines

When we’re IP we should always 3b AA unless if it’s really shitty like AA92ss or AA84r then we might consider calling(not if villain opening is short) and also ofc if we want players behind to join but otherwise 3b because fish behind can still cold call and we make more money by being IP cbetting, getting thin value, turning hands into a bluff instead of set mining by calling, that is when we’re IN POSITION.

Up to SPR 2 when HEADSUP we should always 3b/4b and push flops. If we’re going to get 4w with an SPR of 1 we don’t always 4b but we need more smooth AA because we will have to give up more despite the low spr. While when getting 3w whenever we get the spr of 1 it a raise.

BBvSB open 3b any AA

OOP OTT SPR=4 wet board ->Go for a xr instead of potting it because you will get many calls and OTR people are likely to bluff you off

Weak AA when OOP and gonna be MW we should limp behind that is for example when on SB versus two limpers or when on MP versus UTG limp with hands like AA94ss/AA84r. While any doublesuited ace is a raise or AA95ss.

OOP be donking full houses OTR when many flushes/straights complete.

AA6h5h = AAh73h = AAJTr = AAh7h4h < AAh6h5

AAQJr 3w OOP KQJr = Cb


UTG Hero AA open BTN call BB 3b

In this spot BB likely has AA with which we flip. We lose our set redraw outs meaning we WANT to push the BTN out of the pot so we ALWAYS 4b! Same goes for us when we’re in BTNs shoes, we want to call wide in this spot because we have lots of equity, like even 9987ss is good, we have at east 33/33/33% eqity to breakeven. But versus maniacs who can have AKK*, ATTxds, AJJ8ss our value of hands go down and we should go back to being tight and defending on the smoothest hands.


Flop: KcQh6h, OOP villain leads for 1/2 and there’s one caller.

Hero has overpair+FD
Versus 2p we flip so raising and putting the other guy out and getting some dead money would make this slightly +EV while also raising and the other guy calling with a weaker hand like JsTc5h4h OESD+lowerFD would be a bit +EV because of the better odds so doesn’t matter but also calling is okay because we’re getting the odds so here just depends maybe on how’s your image and whether you prefer to play further streets or not.
*Having a gutter with an overpair+FD makes you 5% more versus 2p so you’re actually ahead OTF->in this case it’s easier to just raise and gll

How to play overpairs in SRP MW

4w OOP(2nd to act) J85r Overpair+gutter+BDFD = check / 3w CB

People are not going to exploit you in this spot so you will not overfold because mostly it’ll check through and when it doesn’t your beat.

Blockers doesn’t help much because villains can still have lower straights and BDFD doesn’t help because on many piced up FDs villains will pick up a straight. Even if we improve to a set we hardly barrel it since straight comes OTF.

4w 3rd to act IP T82dd Bare Overpair

IF 3w CB or if one villain is so short that he’s gonna be allin OTF it’s like 3w so CB but 4w check.

If you have nut FD blocker you can barrel one street if you get HU/3w with one player allin.

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