How to play on a table full of maniacs?! (COMMON MISTAKE BEGINNERS MAKE)

The most profitable Omaha is the most boring Omaha.

In short: You gonna be tightening your ass up playing 15/5 good old nitty style.

a) Polar hands suck II Because even though we get paid on hitting it costs a lot every time to see the flop so we’re putting to much in preflop which is cutting on our stack quickly
b) JJ**/QQ** suck II Because they play all the kings like crazy
c) A765ds / AQ87ds suck II Because villains play all the AK** which kill us
d) 9876ds suck II Because they are gonna be playing all the higher cards like KQJ* that kill us II With 9876ds or T987ss tho we could 3b small and see the flop as cheap as possible with initiative since they usually don’t 4b much

e) KK**+ = nuts II Except rainbow kings because no playability post and preflop they don’t really push an edge anyways
f) AKB*ss = nuts

MP open CO call Hero BTN holding AJJ5ds/A876ds IF there are aggro blinds behind that are squeezing a lot THIS IS AN OPEN FOLD!

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